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CD Release:

Hidden by Chaya Czernowin (WERGO 2017) 

    For the coming month Hidden will be available on Deutschlandfunk’s website. Please press here (17.2.2018)


   The recording Adiantum Capillus-Veneris, Etudes in fragility for voice and breath (by Chaya Czernowin; CD: Hidden, WERGO 2017) is on   

   Alex Ross’s list at the New Yorker of The notable performances and recordings of 2017

   Hidden in Mundoclasico, review by Paco Yáñez

   Adiantum on The Log Journal of Steve Smith's, National Sawdust

   Hidden in BR Klassik, review by Kristin Amme

   Adiantum in BBC's New Year New Music of Andrew McGregor 


"Wie aus Atem musikalisches Material wird", an interview with Constanze Pilaski, DLF 

Forum Neuer Musik, Deutschlandfunk



CD Release:

Agar et Ismaele Esiliati, Alessandro Scarlatti (Role: Agar)

Conductor: David Shemer

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

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