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Selected Late Romantic, 20th & 21st Century Solo Pieces:

Aperghis. G.

​Bartók. B.
Drie Dorfszenen

​Berberian, C.

​Bolcom, W.
Cabaret Songs

​Braun, Y.
The Love of Therese du Meun

​Cage, J.
Experiences II
Song books
The wonderful widow of eighteen springs

​Crumb, G.
The Sleeper

Czernowin, C.

Adiantum Capillus-Veneris, Etudes in Fragility: I, II, III

​Dusapin. D.

​Elyakim, D.

​Feldman, M.

​Gal, Y.
Three Weeks, Contemporary Opera (Narrator, Bat Nakdimon)

​Ilzetki, O.
In Dust Silently Awaits
Matter Craving Form
Point Counter Point

​Janáček, L.
The Diary of One Who Disappeared

​Johnson, T.
Door, Chamber Opera

​Kuip, v.d. A.
ZOFíA, Dance piece

​Kis, I.
Sell yourself in the market Place, Orchestral Piece

​Moore, K.

​Monk, M.
The Tale, from Dolmen music

​Nin, J.
Le Chant du Veileur

​Permont, H.
Blind Man’s Bluff, Movie sound track

​Pousseur, P.
Pour Boudelaire

Ravel, M.

Chansons madécasses
Deux melodies Hebraiques

​Reich, S.
Music for 18 Musicians

​Reizman, S.
Toledo Girls, Contemporary opera

​Respighi, O.
Il Tramonto

​Selamsis. K.
Lady of Silences

​Schöenberg, A.
Pierrot lunair

​Webern, A.
Fünf Lieder aus "Der siebente Ring", Op.3

Weill, K.
Lost in the stars (Irina)
One touch of Venus (Venus)
Various Cabaret Songs

Additional Songs Sets and Ensemble pieces by S. Argov, L. Berio, L. Bernstein, C. Ives, F. Poulenc
French Late Romantic Chansons by H. Duparc, C. Debussy, G. Fauré, E. Satie

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