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Va! Laisse Couler mes Larmes (Charlotte), from: Werther, Jules Massenet

Piano: Eric Schneider

Tu languisci Ismael

Agar et Ismaele Esiliati, Alessandro Scarlatti

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

Aufgeblasne Hitze, aber wenig Grütze

​Cantata 201, J.S.Bach

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra

L'Eraclito Amoroso (Udite Amanti)

Op. 2, Barbara Strozzi

Harpsichord: David Shemer

Experiences no.II

John Cage

Eloisa to Abelard

George Frederick Pinto

Poem: Alexander Pope

This performance is part of a larger project I'm pursuing, of art songs of the 18th Century, self accompanied on the fortepiano. These songs, originally created for a setting of one (mostly female) performer, are nowadays hardly ever performed as such, but almost exclusively in duos. I’m interested in exploring the potential involved, both technically and theoretically, in bringing the music back together.


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